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Nissan Leaf - 100% electric car at Avis

Why is it worth to choose an electric rented car?

By choosing an electric rented vehicle you can say no to the high level emission of harmful substances and to noise pollution

It is worth because Nissan Leaf can be rented on discounted rate, in addition fuel cost is appr. 1/3 of traditional vehicles operated with petrol or diesel.

The almost perfectly silent electric vehicle makes your journey even safer and more comfortable with the extras like intelligent lane intervention- and emergency braking system, bluetooth handsfree, automatic and timing air condition system and the new e-Pedal technology.

The new Nissan Leaf is available in our fleet with even higher "Acenta" equipment. Please contact our rental office for more information.

Convenient use, free parking in Budapest

Green number plate provides free parking option in territory of Budapest.

Free charging in many locations: public charging stations can be used free of charge, on fast charging locations the car is charged to a level of 80% in 30 minutes.

Cleanly, effectively, silently

The almost perfectly silent, fully charged vehicle can actually be driven for 389 km* in an urban environment. On highways the range is 270 km* depending on speed.

*Calculated according to the WLTP regulation. In normal use, actual values may vary depending on a number of factors, such as driving and charging habits, temperature, terrain conditions, battery life, tire pressure, maintenance, weights, etc.

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