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Corporate mobility solutions with the Avis human touch

  • Do you need to be mobile until your new company car is delivered?
  • Are you obstructed while your company fleet is being maintained or do you need to replace your damaged vehicle?
  • Would you like to forget continuous fleet operation issues, and just receive an invoice every month?
  • Do you have prestige car needs for special events?
  • Are you hosting foreign guest, a new manager or a colleague who will stay here for a few days or even longer?
  • Would you like to arrive on your meeting hassle-free taken by a chauffeur?
  • Would you like to rent a car for long-term without any constraints, in a flexible way?

For further information please contact our corporate sales team directly via email sales@avis.hu, call +36 29 550 460 or +36 29 550 466 phone numbers, or click on link below to fill the online contact form.

Please give us the following data in order to provide you a tailor-made offer: company name, vehicle category, number of vehicles, running capacity (km/month), pick-up date and rental period, pick-up location, and requested services and equipments.

In case of individual car rental needs please contact our rental offices directly.
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