Avis Group Hungary

Strong Hungarian presence of Avis is ensured by Avis Car Rental and Avis Budget Group Business Support Centre employing together more than 1200 people that excels from local representatives of other international car rental companies.

Avis Car Rental Hungary

Avis Car Rental Hungary has the longest presence among the international car rental companies in Hungary, with its establishment from 1969. Avis has one of the largest nationwide network with 19 rental stations in the country. The operational background is ensured by a company under new ownership called AUTO ReFAIRent Ltd from 2010. The company operates a continually renewing fleet of more than 400 vehicles - average life span is 5 months - with a range of more than 10 vehicle brands. On top of passenger cars 9-seaters minibuses are supplying customer mobility demand. The company provides car rental solutions to short-, mid- and long-term rental needs of corporate and individual customers, as well as international car rental reservations and Avis charge card service. Avis is a member of Hungarian Rent A Car Association, and entitled to use the title of "Excellent Qualified Service Provider".

Avis Budget Group BSC

Avis Budget Group BSC Ltd has been supporting Avis subsidiaries since January, 2004. Main business areas are financial accounting, IT, database management, collections, fleet administration and customer service. Currently employs 1200 employees and supports the Group's EMEA region. During the past 10 years the BSC improved continuously, a significant milestone was obtaining the ISO 9001 certification in 2011. One of its most important objectives is now to become Group's Centre of Excellence.

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