Practical advice for the use of Nissan Leaf electric car

The vehicle is always handed over at a charging level of at least 80% and we kindly ask you to charge it to the same level before returning. A fully charged vehicle can actually be driven for 150-170 km in an urban environment. On highways the range is 90-110 km depending on speed.

The car’s range can be increased:

  • by using primarily the built-in steering wheel and seat heating, at the rear seats as well: as cooling and heating takes the most power from the battery the car’s range can be increased by using primarily the built-in steering wheel and seat heating, at the rear seats as well
  • use mode D Eco: the continuous variable automatic transmission has four positions: Position P (Parking) is used when the car is started or stopped, in position D (Drive) the car moves forward, in position D Eco (Drive) the car moves forward at a bit lower speed and lower acceleration, in position R (Reverse) the car reverses, in order to increase range it is advisable to use mode D Eco

The instrument panel continuously informs on the range and charging level remaining. When the range decreases to 20 km it is advisable to use the nearest charging point. When the car switches to tortoise mode the actual range remaining is 5-10 km only. In order to avoid the necessity of transporting the car charge it immediately. If the car batteries are fully depleted the salvaging costs are borne by Renter. The car can never be towed or used for towing.

Charging of Nissan Leaf electric car:
  • overleaf you will find a list of charging stations in Hungary, and you can also get information on charging on the web at
  • at the Nissan Gablini facility in Budaörs every Nissan Leaf owner is provided a non-stop, free of charge access to fast charging whereby the car is charged to a level of 80% in 30 minutes
  • of course the car can be charged at home or at the workplace as well if the electrical network can provide an amperage of 10 Ampere at least
  • the charging cable for use with the regular electric network is an accessory of the car
  • charging can be interrupted at any time

In addition to fast charging there are 3 regular charging options:
  • regular electric socket (at least 10 Amps); charging time to 100% is 12 hours
  • 3.3 kW charging box; charging time to 100% is 8 hours
  • 6.6 kW charging box; charging time to 100% is 4 hours

The charging period and the inside temperature requested at starting can be preset with the onboard computer. This way the vehicle’s cooling or heating is powered not by the car’s batteries but by the electric network.

We wish you a nice and environmentally friendly driving experience!

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