Nissan Leaf - 100% electric car at Avis

Why is it worth to choose an electric rented car?

  • by choosing an electric rented vehicle you can say no to the high level emission of harmful substances and to noise pollution
  • it is worth because Nissan Leaf can be rented on discounted rate, in addition fuel cost is appr. 1/3 of traditional vehicles operated with petrol or diesel
  • moreover it is higher equipped than other cars in compact category, your convenience is provided by built-in steering wheel and seat heating (at the rear seats as well), bluetooth and built-in navigation system

Convenient use, free parking in Budapest

  • green number plate provides free parking option in territory of Budapest
  • free charging in many locations: public charging stations can be used free of charge, on fast charging locations the car is charged to a level of 80% in 30 minutes

Cleanly, effectively, silently

The almost perfectly silent, fully charged vehicle can actually be driven for 150-170 km in an urban environment. On highways the range is 90-110 km depending on speed.

You can find practical advices for the use of our electric vehicles, just click on 'Advice for use of Leaf' button below.

Avis electric car rental tariff

Rental days
Rental fee (EUR/rental, VAT incl.)

  • rental period: minimum 1 day (24 hours)
  • pick-up/returning location: Avis Budapest offices
  • renter has to possess with valid international credit card: Visa, American Express, MasterCard
  • rate includes: VAT (27%), max. 3500 km/month km-usage, vehicle licence fee (VLF), company car tax (CCT), liability insurance, collision damage waiver, theft protection (CDW & TP), free highway use in Hungary with electronic permission, compulsory service costs, financing and depreciation, performance tax, trade tax
  • rate excludes: fuel, non-reimbursable excess, cost of any extra kilometres (0,13 EUR/km, VAT incl.), amount of any administrative fines, parking fees, surcharges etc., cost for repair and replacement of the tyres, service costs due to improper use, any other costs occurred
  • rental fee is not discountable, offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon, promotion or offer
  • during the rental the General Rental Terms and Conditions applies

Electric car rental, get a quote

You can send your request for quotation via our online form, just click on ’Get a quote’ button, or contact Avis Budapest office on the following availabilities.

Avis Budapest office
1095 Budapest Soroksári út 16. (next to Boráros tér)
Tel: +36 1 790 5250, +36 1 790 5251
Opening hours:
Mo-Fr 8:00-17:00

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