Minibus & MPV rental in Hungary

We know that there are transfer needs of more than five persons simultaneously occurred only occasionally. In this case 2-3 vehicles can be used at same time, although this solution requires more drivers, in addition you can’t be sure that your costs have been most optimized...

Why don’t you rent an MPV or a minibus?

Either you rent as an individual or a corporate customer:
  • you will need only one driver, however second driver permission or chauffeur drive service can be provided too
  • you can calculate on lower costs (e.g. fuel, highway permission etc.)
  • you can rent for 1 day, for a week or for months
Planning a family event and an MPV or a minibus would be more useful? Don’t you have any transfer solution for your guests on your wedding day yet? Do you plan to travel to ski with friends or to go on holiday with your family?

Do you plan to organize event for your key accounts or a team office activity and have bigger passenger car needs?

Let Avis make your trip easier, choose 7-passengers MPV or 9-passengers minibus from our fleet now!

In case of long-term minibus or MPV rental needs please contact our rental offices directly via email or phone (to see availabilities please click on the following links).

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