Standards for car rental - ACRISS

Standard international classification of vehicles is based on so-called ACRISS system, in which Avis have joined. The four-digit code identifies car category, type, transmission/drive, air-conditioning and fuel type.

Example: IDMR = Intermediate / 4-5 Door / Manual Unspecified Drive / Unspecified Fuel with Air Conditioning. The term 'Elite' has been selected by ACRISS to identify a category of vehicle that is superior to another of equal body size. The difference between the two vehicles may be Price, Engine size, Performance, Fixtures, Features or any combination of these.

For further information please click on the following ACRISS website link:

M Mini
N Mini Elite
E Economy
H Economy Elite
C Compact
D Compact Elite
I Intermediate
J Intermediate Elite
S Standard
R Standard Elite
F Fullsize
G Fullsize Elite
P Premium
U Premium Elite
L Luxury
W Luxury Elite
O Oversize
X Special
B 2-3 Door
C 2/4 Door
D 4-5 Door
W Wagon/Estate
V Passenger Van
L Limousine
S Sport
T Convertible
J Open Air All Terrain
X Special
P Pick up Regular Cab
Q Pick up Extended Cab
Z Special Offer Car
E Coupe
M Monospace
R Recreational Vehicle
H Motor Home
Y 2 Wheel Vehicle
N Roadster
G Crossover
K Commercial Van/Truck
M Manual Unspecified Drive
N Manual 4WD
C Manual AWD
A Auto Unspecified Drive
B Auto 4WD
D Auto AWD
Fuel/Air Conditioning
R Unspecified Fuel/Power With Air
N Unspecified Fuel/Power Without Air
D Diesel Air
Q Diesel No Air
H Hybrid Air
I Hybrid No Air
E Electric Air
C Electric No Air
L LPG/Compressed Gas Air
S LPG/Compressed Gas No Air
A Hydrogen Air
B Hydrogen No Air
M Multi Fuel/Power Air
F Multi Fuel/Power No Air
V Petrol Air
Z Petrol No Air
U Ethanol Air
X Ethanol No Air

Pseudo codes - quick search in GDS for travel agenciesPassenger van seating
ACAR Any Standard Vehicle
ALLB 2-3 Door
ALLC 2 or 4 Door
ALLD 4-5 Door
AELT Any Elite
AWGN Any Estate/Wagon
ACNV Convertible
AMNO Monospace
AMAN All Manual Transmission
AUTO All Auto Transmission
APET All Petrol Powered vehicle types
ADSL All Diesel Powered vehicle types
AGRN Any Green vehicle types (Hybrid, Electric, Ethanol, LPG, Hydrogen, Multi Fuel vehicles)
AVAN Passenger Van
ASIX Any 6+ Passenger Van
ASEV Any 7+ Passenger Van
AEIG Any 8+ Passenger Van
ANIN Any 9+ Passenger Van
IV 6 Seats
JV Elite 6 Seats
SV 7 Seats
RV Elite 7 Seats
FV 7 Seats Plus More Space
GV Elite 7 Seats Plus More Space
PV 8 Seats
UV Elite 8 Seats
LV 9 Seats
WV Elite 9 Seats
XV 12 Seats
OV 15 Seats

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