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We at Avis always strive to make sure you have a hassle-free rental but things don't always go to plan. Our customer service is available to help you after rental with any issue you may have experienced during your rental. During your rental please contact directly the rental office where your vehicle was taken over.

Please prepare your rental agreement number before contact our customer service. This is so that we can recall your rental details on our system.

If we are unable to give you an answer immediately due to the nature of the issue, we will run a thorough investigation and provide the relevant feedback, with a resolution:

  • within 15 calendar days at latest, except the query is related to a dispute about damage charges
  • within 30 calendar days at latest where the query relates to a dispute about damage charges (we need specialist assistance for queries of this nature)

You can contact our customer service on the following availabilities:

Post-rental queries regarding domestic rentals in HungaryPost-rental queries regarding rentals outside Hungary
Tel:+36 29 550 456Tel:+36 1 887 6329
+36 29 352 292
2220 Vecsés Ecseri út 21.
You can also contact us regarding domestic rentals in Hungary via the online form. Just click on the following link:
In case of queries regarding rentals outside Hungary please contact customer service department of Avis Budget Group BSC international service centre on the availabilities above.

In case of cancelled online prepaid reservations made on www.avis.hu website, if a claim for refund is applicable, please contact us on cs@avis.hu email address independently of your country of rental. Does not apply to prepaid reservations made on any other websites.

At Avis we take our customer service seriously and that is why we are a participating member of the European Car Rental Conciliation Service (ECRCS). The ECRCS independently reviews disputes with no additional costs to customers. If you are unhappy with our response you can ask us to refer your dispute to the ECRCS.

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